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Vihara Dewalagam Division

Fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to the Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs by the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance No. 19 of 1931, has been assigned to the Vihara Dewalagam Division and thereby the well-being and advancement of Buddhasasana have been ensured

Regional Offices: Functions (other than registration of viharas) to be performed by this division in the districts of Ratnapura Badulla and Moneragala are performed by the Regional Office in Ratnapura.

  1. Leasing of lands belonging to Buddhist Viharas.
  2. Renewal of gem mining licenses.
  3. Issue of new gem mining licenses.
  4. Appointment of caretakers for Viharas controlled under section 4(1) of the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance.

Regional Office in Kandy controls Viharas and Devalas in the districts of Kandy , Matale, Nuwara Eliya nad Kegalle as well as Raja Maha Viharas at Mahiyangana and Muthiyangane and Saman Devala at Mahiyangana in Badulla district.

This office enforces the provisions in Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance No. 19 of 1931. Accordingly , the appointment of caretakers to Viharas, receiving and releasing of security and handing over of Vihara property to new caretakers. In addition to these the office participates in annual upasampada ceremonies of Asgiriya and Malvathu chapters and in particular in the occasions of prize distribution of Dhamma Schools.

Unlike in the past, people now take lot of interest in taking temple lands on lease. Taking lease of lands situated within municipal limits has increased immensely . People come to city areas in large number to get their children admitted to city schools and to enjoy common amenities. Hence leasing of lands has become a complexed matter today. For every temple land a plan is prepared to establish the Vihara’s ownership. Regarding rent, assessment reports are obtained through the respective Divisional Secretary decide on the lease ren. In case of some lands field inquiries are held and further parties  concerned are summoned to the office for discussions.

Regional Buddhist Affaire office in Kandy performs the duties under the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance in respect of religious places in the districts of Matale, Nuwara Eliya and Badulla.

  1. Appointment of Basnayaka Nilames.
  2. Appointment of Caretakers to places of worship.
  3. Issue of application forms for lease of lands.
  4. Calling for Assessment reports.
  5. Taking over of goods in places of worship.
  6. Release of money for places of worship.
  7. Conducting field Inquiries every year.
  8. Conducting official inquiries every year.
  9. Establishment of Viharadhipathi position.
  10. Granting approval for felling trees.
  11. Removal of ‘panduru’ money from places of worship and performance of associated duties.

Regional Buddhist Affairs Office in Ratnapura.

Regional Buddhist Affairs office in Ratnapura perform the duties under the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance in respect of the Buddhist temples in the districts of Ratnapura, Badulla and Moneragala.

Major functions performed by this office are as follows:

  1. Appointment of Caretakers.
  2. Lease of lands.
  3. Modification of lease rent.
  4. Issue of licenses for felling and transport of timber.
  5. Release of Bank money of deceased monks.
  6. Granting approval to offer Pooja Deeds.
  7. Release of compensation money and interest.
  8. Settlement of disputes relating to Viharas.
  9. Sending letter to Mahanayake Theros for registration of viharas.
  10. Recommendation for issuing licenses for gem mining.
  11. Recommendation for extension of licenses for gem mining.