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Projects Division

Major Functions of the Project Division

  1. Conducting “Daham Sarasaviya” Course. (In collaboration with University of Jayawardhanapura and Buddhist and Pali University)
  2. Conducting worship for Principals of Dhamma Schools.
  3. Conducting training workshops for Dhamma School teacher.
  4. Conducting meeting of all Island Sasanarakshaka Mandalas and Kruthyadhikari Mandalas.
  5. Coordination of all printing work.
  6. Coordination of work relating to Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Development Fund.
  7. Organization of training workshops for President monks and Registrar monks of regional Sasanarakshaka Mandalas.
  8. Training of Coordinating officer and departmental officers.
  9. Implementation of Dhamma School Flag Week.
  10. Maintenance of All Island Sasanarakshaka Mandala Fund.
  11. Maintenance of “Sisu Udana” Accounts.
  12. Coordination of all propaganda work.
  13. Publication of the newspaper “Daham Sarana”.
  14. Services of judges at the All Island Student Skills programme.
  15. Preparation of the annual departmental action plan.
  16. Implementation of the project for evaluation of Service of Dhamma School teachers.
  17. Implementation of the project for providing assistance to Dhamma School teachers.
  18. Implementation Pali Promotion Programme.
  19. Conducting Mobile services.