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The main function of the Information Division of the Department of Buddhist Affairs is the preparation of various information belonging to the Department,   collecting, and up-dating them. Preparing of such information systematically and releasing them to the Government and Private sectors are also carried out by this Division.   The functions carried out by this Division are as follows.

The Act regarding the Right to Information

Information is being released in terms of Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016 to all those who request for information from the Department for various requirements.  Accordingly, 87 requests have been   fulfilled as at 10.12.2018

Computerizing Temple Information 

An Information Management data base has been prepared with the assistance of Information Technology division of the Ministry of Buddha Sasana.

Pali Language promotion programme

Bhikku conceptual promotion programme is being carried out under the guidance of   Vinayadhara Dharmadara Ven. Theros for the conceptual development of Samanea Bhikkus. This is a residential three days programme, providing necessary training and knowledge to to Bhikkus on traditional Pirith chanting, Dhamma sermons, meditation methods, Sasanika rituals etc.. Parallel to the Wesak fesatival of 2018, a Bhikku t raining  programme was carried out Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Piriven in the district of  Kurunegala.

Media activities 

Providing media publicity for various programmes carried out by the Department, supplying information to the media, organizing media discussions and also issuing Of well-wishing messages of the Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs

Daily newspapers reports

Providing   assistance for taking necessary legal action regarding various reports revealed by daily newspapers, and obtaining reports from various parties for the confirmation of such reportsTaking action regarding reports and photographs which are defamatory to Buddhism, keeping the Maha Nayaka Theros informed about various allegations, insults made to temples and Bhikkus.