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Major functions of Development Division

  1. Granting assistance for reconstruction and new construction of temples.
  2. Providing assistance for four requisites to monks and ‘Dasa Sil Mathas’ living in temples in difficult areas.
  3. Providing assistance to viharas undergoing economic difficulties.
  4. Reconstruction of viharas affected by the Tsunami disaster.
  5. Providing assistance for building Dhamma School buildings.
  6. Duties involved in establishing regional Sasanarakshaka Mandalas.
  7. Providing assistance for cremation of remains of monks, who pass away.
  8. Duties relating to Independence Day celebrations and Wesak and Poson festivals.
  9. Registration of Karya Sadhaka Samithi and Dayaka Sabhas of temples.
  10. Providing telephones, water and electricity to temples at concessionary rates.
  11. Duties associated with Sects and chapters of Sects.
  12. Ordination of young boys and their higher ordination.
  13. Payments to Nikaya Headquarters (Drivers / labourers).
  14. Registration of shops selling “Ata Pirikara” purchase of books under the scheme for Assisting Writers.
  15. Duties relating to “Dasa Sil Mathas”
    • Registration of Aramas.
    • Issue of identity cards.
    • Works relating to educational institutes.
    • Work on meetings and Sanghamitta commeration Festival.