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The Administrative Division of the Department, is performing a very important role and some of the major functions carried by it are mentioned below:

  • Maintaining the personal files of all officers of the Department and attending to all relevant matters.
  • Directing the staff for training courses and conducting workshops
  • All duties pertaining to the subject of vehicles, including the maintenance of vehicles.
  • All duties regarding the settlement of water, electricity and telephone bills.
  • All duties regarding postal works.
  • All administrative functions pertaining to the officers of the Department.
  • All establishment matters including getting approval for posts, preparing schemes of recruitments, recruitments, updating the changes in the staff, preparation of Parliamentary reports, Cabinet Memorandums etc.
  • All matters with regard to attendance, leave etc. of the staff.
  • All duties pertaining to the discipline   of officers
  • Distress loans and property loans for staff members
  • All matters pertaining to transfers, placements of officers.
  • Accepting and approval of vouchers pertaining to overtime and traveling
  • Matters pertaining to Agrhara Insurance of officers
  • Transaction with other institutions with regard to administration
  • Maintenance of all equipment including telephones, computers, photo copy machines, fax machines, air conditioning machines.
  • Maintenance and repair of buildings (Mahanayaka Charikaramaya, Regional Office, Kandy and Regional Office, Rathnapura.
  • Conducting the meetings of Staff Officers and Heads of Divisions.
  • Conducting district coordinating officers meetings and attending to relevant matter.
  • Maintaining Public Administration circulars and all other circulars and taking action regarding relevant matters.