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Vision & Mission


"Towards a society which observes Buddhist precepts"



To ensure  perpetual succession of an exemplary Buddhist society by creating a disciplined and virtuous society which leads to enlightenment of local and foreign Buddhist community by means of organizing and implementing duties and functions for the propagation, promotion and upliftment of Buddha Sasana.



  1. Protection, propagation and expansion of Theravada Buddhism.
  2. Protection and Organization of Sanghika property and utilization of such property solely for perpetuity of Sambuddha Sasana.
  3. Creation of a disciplined and creative society which upholds Buddhist values.
  4. Protection of Buddha Sasana and maintenance propagation and development of other ideologies connected with it for a very long period so as to suit the timely needs.
  5. Conservation, propagation and development of Buddhist literature, arts and crafts.
  6. Organization and direction of Buddhist public to create a Buddhist  economy consistent with the modern technology.